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Giving great head involves more than just staying power, good rhythm and an infallible gag reflex. Knowing how to read your partner, what to do to him, and when to do it can make all the difference.

Here are a few ins and outs of oral sex for him – otherwise known as felatio, that are sure to enhance his pleasure, and yours:

Get Comfortable While Giving Head

If you’re new to giving head, or are blessed with a male partner that has the uncanny ability to be able to last and last and last, be sure to get in a comfortable position.  One of the most comfortable positions for giving head is to have him sit on a chair, couch or other piece of furniture at similar height while you kneel on a pillow in front of him.  This gives you the advantage of having full control.  You can easily manoeuvre, change pace, and most importantly, look up at him with lustful eyes while he succumbs to the pleasure you are giving him.  This position will also allow you to be most comfortable so that you can really enjoy pleasuring your partner.  If you’re more comfortable, he’ll be sure to notice your new found longevity, and all the benefits of you being in control.

Learn Penis Anatomy to Enhance his Pleasure

There are actually four key pleasure points that you can focus on that will blow his mind while giving your partner a blow job – the head (also known as the crown), the shaft, the scrotum (balls), and the often forgotten anus.  For most men, the greatest amount of pleasure is felt in the head of the penis, not the shaft.  This is why many men enjoy the sensation of deep throating…it’s because the head of the penis is hitting the back of your throat.  Be sure to use your hands, lips and most importantly your tongue to lavish him.  Use your hands to stroke the shaft while you use your tongue to massage the head.  Trace your tongue in a circular motion around his head, now, change it up by making figure eights and finally, blow his mind by deep throating and allowing the head of his penis to touch the back of your throat.  If you’re not comfortable with deep throating, you can achieve a similar effect by thrusting the head into the side wall of your mouth/cheek.  They often can’t tell the difference in the heat of the moment.

Let Him Finish

Giving good head doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to swallow.  If you are adverse to swallowing, here are a few techniques that you can use to let him enjoy his grand finale.

1.  Let him cum on your body.  Most men only produce about one teaspoon of ejaculate so you don’t have to worry too much about the mess.  Try letting him cum on your breasts, navel area, back, buttocks, or any other sexy and creative place you can think of.  It’s alot sexier than having him cum in a towel.  But, if you’re going to let him cum on your face, keep your eyes closed.  Ejaculate can sting.

2. Plan ahead with good eating habits.  The old saying of “garbage in, garbage out” rings true when giving good head.  If you can sneak a little bit of pineapple or citrus fruit into his diet, it can often make all the difference in the taste of the ejaculate.  If possible, have him reduce his intake of foods like asparagus, caffeine and red meat a few hours before.

3. Get past the taste buds.   If you want to swallow, but really don’t like the taste, the trick is to simply get him to ejaculate past the taste buds.  The taste buds end at about the half way point on your tongue so if he ejaculates when he’s deeper in your mouth, you shouldn’t even taste it.

Blow His Mind by Deep Throating

The secret to deep throating is being relaxed.  The more relaxed you are, the wider you will be able to open up the throat and avoid the gag reflex.  If you’re new to deep throating, you’re probably going to gag the first few times.  But don’t give up.  This is perfectly normal.  Learning to deep throat is just like working out a new muscle.  It takes practice over time to get it into shape.  Start off by having your partner give you a soothing massage to get you in the mood.  Then, when you’re ready, have him sit on a chair while you kneel on a pillow in front of him.  This gives you the complete control and flexibility to take your time and experiment at the pace that’s most comfortable for you.  Try a few play sessions like this and eventually, you should be able to extend the amount of time that you are able to deep throat.  At first, you may only be able to do it for a few seconds, then, maybe a minute, but with practice, you can become seasoned at deep throating and will blow his mind.

Communicate and Build Trust

Anytime you are learning a new sex technique, honest, open communication in a positive manner is critical.  Keep in mind that the sex techniques provided here are simply guidelines to get you started.  But to really take your sexy adventures to the next level, you need to talk to each other.  Everybody is different and sometimes, what works for one person, may not work for another.  Ask your partner what they enjoy.  And, while you’re in the heat of the moment, get them to give you sexy signals and sounds that let you know you’re doing something they really love.   And remember, we’re not born sex experts, but communication, exploration and having an open mind will go a long way to getting you there in your own relationship.

While watching the show “Foursome” on the Playboy Channel the other day, I came across an incredibly hot new product that I had ever heard of or seen before. Before my eyes, two very sexy ladies demo’d what looked like a new high tech style of rocking horse with two dildos protruding out of the seat.

The two ladies faced each other and made out while one of the guys used the handle at the front to gently rock them back and forth on their dildos until they came.  It was incredibly hot!  And remember, given my background, not a lot phases me but this particular product really got our attention. 

If you’ve ever had a fantasy of watching two girls play, this is definitely the way to go.  Throw out the strap-ons and double ended dildos and make room for the Monkey Rocker Tango.

The only downfall is the price.  I researched the product and found their website which is www.monkeyrocker.com.  The classic Monkey Rocker (which is for solo play only…ie. one dildo) retails for $800 USD.  The Monkey Rocker Tango (two dildos for simultaneous play) retails for around $1500 USD….ughh!

I recently learned of a new speed dating event in Vancouver for girls called “lez hook up”.  Apparently, it’s a new networking event where lesbian and bi-sexual women can meet other likeminded ladies for friendship, relationships and maybe even a little flirty fun. 

If you’re a lady looking to explore your bi-sexual, bi-curious or even bi-situational side, be sure to check out their website at www.lezhookup.com.  If you manage to get out to one of their speed dating events, be sure to report back and share your experiences if you think it would be of interest.  We’d love to hear.

Happy flirting!

I came across an article that absolutely infuriated me.  A woman was found guilty of running a swingers club featuring sex acts performed by young children, including her own!!!  What was she thinking?  And those that actually attended the club to watch should not only be ashamed of themselves but should also be held criminally responsible in my opinion.

Children should be protected and loved, not pawned off for sexual entertainment, and for money at that.  Children have nothing to do with swinging, sex or the lifestyle.  In fact, they should not even be exposed to anything remotely sexual until of course they reach the right age where it becomes necessary to educate them purely for the purposes of keeping them safe.

This woman and her club goers should not even be put in the same category as swingers.  This goes far beyond consenting adults fulfilling their fantasies in a safe environment.  Not only is it illegal, it’s despicable.

It’s no damn wonder that swingers get a bad name.  Swingers should be outraged.

Read the full article here.

This morning I was listening to a local radio show discussing a survey of Canadians where Canadian’s were asked…”What do you think is the optimal amount of time for having sex”.

The average that came back was 13 minutes….13 minutes?  Ughh.  I sure hope that that is for penetration only, but even then…13 minutes?  I know we all lead busy lives, but come on people.  Maybe if we spent a little less time in front of the TV, and more time being intimate with our lovers, the divorce rate might actually go down and people would have happier, healthier and more sexually fulfilling relationships.

Maybe we should designate a national day (or week) of SEX.  Where couples dedicate the ENTIRE day to SEXual fulfillment with their partners.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to take the day off work (although wouldn’t that be naughty).  If you can’t, then at least send your lover sexy, steamy, naughty, dirty text messages all day long.  Leave explicit voicemail messages on their answering machine.  Don’t wear any panties to work.  Go into some private area of the office (maybe even a bathroom stall) and take an erotic picture of yourself and send it to your lover.  

Be sure to order food in so neither of you has to cook when you get home…that’s if you’re not already to worked up to eat.  Each of you buy a new toy or sexcessory to tease your lover with that evening.   Just go for it and have fun…but don’t forget to turn off the clock…we wouldn’t want it all to come to a screeching halt after only 13 minutes.

So what day should we designate as national sex day anyway?  Sounds like a worthy cause to me.

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