Earn Eden Bucks $



Eden is a group initiative and we need your help to make it grow.  That's why we want to REWARD you for being a community contributor.  


For every NEW VIP member that you refer, we'll give you 10% of their membership purchase back in Eden Bucks $.  And, when they renew, we'll reward you again.   Consider it FREE Eden bucks in the bank!


Use your $Eden bucks to buy event entries, online gifts, Eden swag, travel rewards and more.  


Start earning rewards today…spread the love!


Here's How:

Earning Eden Bucks $ is EASY.  Tell your sexy friends about Eden...

  • on dating sites
  • on social networking sites
  • at sexy events & socials
  • by text
  • by email
  • in person
  • wherever...whenever you meet sexy friends that you think might be interested in this amazing community.

Just make sure you ask them to tell us that you referred them.


When they join, all they have to do is enter your Eden "fantasy name" (user name) in the "name of referring member field".   And when they do, they will earn a few Eden Bucks $ to get them started too.



Then they will always be recognized as a new member you referred which means that you earn Eden Bucks $ when they purchase a membership, and, EVERY TIME they renew...for the life of your membership.


Want to increase your chance of earning more Eden Bucks $?  Use our handy "Flirt Cards" to make sure they get your user name just right on the application.  Plus, it will make it easier for them to find you online.  Get your flirt cards here!  (you must login for flirt cards)



Calculating Eden bucks is easy! One (1) Eden buck is equal to $1 (Cdn).  That's it.  No mega math.  No laborious look-ups. 


So let's say your sexy friend "Foxy_Francis" joins the club and buys an annual membership for $100.  As long as she entered your fantasy name in the referring member application field at time of sign up, we'll deposit $10 Eden bucks into your account.   You can then use those Eden bucks at Face value.  For example, get $10 off your Eden ticket.  Save $10 off your membership, or save up your Eden Bucks $  until you have enough to get FREE stuff.


Simplicity is Sexy!




  1. The new user MUST enter your fantasy name at time of sign up for Eden Bucks $ to be earned (no exceptions).  Otherwise, how do we know that they didn't simply meet you on the site after the fact which then defeats the purpose of a referral.  Sorry.   
  2. Eden Bucks $ can not be redeemed for cash.
  3. Eden Bucks expire after three years of no activity (ie. no login) to your account.
  4. Eden bucks are earned on purchases before taxes.

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