Event Commandments

Eden is a Private Member's community for sexually adventurous women and the men who love them. Make the most of your experience by following our Club Commandments and encouraging others to do the same.

You must be a registered member of Eden to attend our events.

For details on how to join or register for events, please visit our FAQs page here.  


You must read and agree to our Consent Culture manifesto


A complete copy of our consent culture manifesto can be viewed here.


Gentlemen…stay with your date


Eden is a world where ladies can explore their sensuality in a safe, pressure free environment. Gentlemen are welcome to attend but must be accompanied by their beautiful date, or a sponsoring member couple. Once inside, you must be on your best behavior at all times as your behavior is a direct reflection on the lovely lady or couple who brought you in and poor behavior on your part will compromise their membership and yours.


Most importantly, when visiting our play zones, gentlemen must be accompanied by a female member of the club at all times. If your dates has to leave the play zone for ANY reason (even if it’s just for a quick stop in the ladies room), you MUST leave with her. Not following this rule may result in immediately removal from the club with no refund, and a ban on your membership.


Safety first


All our play spaces are well stocked with variety supplies for your personal protection. We also include medical grade cleanser in each play space. For the safety and comfort of all our members, please wipe down your play area before and after each visit.


No food or drink


You are not permitted to bring food and/or beverages in the play zones. This is to ensure adherence with legal requirements and helps to maintain cleanliness.


Follow Posted Signs


It’s your first night…and we know there are a lot of rules to remember. But don’t worry, we make it easy by posting signs throughout the club to help clear things up. If you’re ever unsure about anything, simply follow the posted signs denoted by an Eden logo, or better yet, ask any of our friendly staff and Ambassadors for assistance.


No Cameras, Cellphones or Photo Taking Devices


Cameras, cellphones and other photo taking devices are not permitted inside of Eden at any time (with the exception of our house photographer in a designated/managed area for use on our website). Please leave these devices in your locker, or at home.


Respect Privacy


While some want to tell the world about this new found paradise, others prefer to keep it their own naughty secret. Although we encourage you to invite all your friends into this sexy new world, remember to respect the privacy of our members by only talking about your experience in an anonymous fashion so as not to compromise anyone’s true identities.


Respect yourself and others


Your positive attitude; warm, friendly smile and classy aura will go a long way to ensuring you have the best experience possible at Eden. Be friendly, polite and courteous when addressing other guests and the Eden team. Respect our environment by following club rules and taking pride in the appearance. And take pride in yourself by never compromising your own personal boundaries and by always acting with class and grace.


Remember, Eden is not an “ordinary” nightclub. Aggressive and negative behavior will not be tolerated. Guests are to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. If at any time you feel you may not be able to handle a situation with grace, please ask a staff member or ambassador for assistance immediately. They’re always happy to help.


Know the rules of the rooms


Here are a couple of points about our playrooms that may require a little more clarification...

*Private Playrooms* - (these rooms are equipped with both closing doors AND a "do not enter/enter sign" on the door handle)

If you are playing in a private playroom and you do not want to be disturbed, watched or joined, close the door and turn the sign to "do not enter".

If you leave the door open, you are inviting others to watch. If you would like others to join you, be explicit and invite them in.

Semi-private playrooms - equipped with curtains

If the curtains are closed, this indicates that you do not want to be disturbed, watched or joined by others. If the curtains are open, your are inviting others to watch. If you would like others to join you, be explicit and invite them in.

Dungeon playroom - contains a couple of pieces of dungeon equipment

This is an open playroom (ie. do not close the door), however, you are not permitted to join others or interrupt a "scene" unless explicitly invited.

Group play area - large open play on top floor for group play

The area is reserved for our most adventurous members who like to "play nice with others". Please keep in mind that if you are playing in the group play zone, it is NOT realistic to expect people to explicitly ask permission before touching in the middle of a sexy scene. In a group play scene, hands may wander from time to time. HOWEVER, use good judgement, make eye contact and read body language for implied agreement to continue. If you're not interested, say NO THANK YOU politely with a smile. As always, NEVER penetrate another guest without first getting explicit consent.

Other open play areas

There are a variety of other open play benches/areas throughout the play floors. Enjoy these spaces at your discretion, but expect that guests may stop to enjoy the sexy sights.

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