Get Started - A Little Site Tutorial

Welcome to Eden.  Now that you've found this amazing and sexy community, let us help you get started.

Eden is what YOU make it and people are here for different reasons...some to hook up, some to date, some to flirt, and some just want to be a part of this safe and sexy community.   Remember to have fun, be respectful and leave the drama at the door.

Here are a few key features that should help you get the most out of your Eden experience:


My Home (mission control)

To get back here from anywhere on the site, simply click on the "My Home" button on the top navigation bar.

The "My Home" page is broken down into three columns.

Member Navigation (left column)

Almost all your core member navigation can be found in the left column.  Think of this as your launching point to the various sections on the site.  Anything you need to do, you can do from here.  

Newsfeed/Wall (centre column)

The newsfeed is automatically filled with forum posts from our General Chat group.  You can post updates on your wall for your friends to see.  And, you can select which groups that you want to appear in your feeds on demand.    

Upcoming Events (right column)

​Never miss an Eden event.  The right column shows the next three Eden events coming up.  But if you want to look a little further ahead, you can always visit our event calendar.


Edit Your Profile

If you're looking to date, hook up, or just make friends, nothing gets you noticed faster than a great profile that tells others about yourself.   If you're not sure what to write yet, you could start with something simple like "Hi!  I'm new here.  I'm not sure what to write yet but I'm workin' on it.  I'm looking forward to getting to know other members of the Eden community better."  

After that, check off some of the boxes.  Those are easy and take few seconds. 

Finally, upload your photos.  Remember, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  A pic of your naughty bits or a poor quality web cam pic likely won't get you noticed.  But a pic showing you at your best or doing what you love goes along way.  


Subscribe to Groups

In addition to the "General Chat" group that automatically shows up in your feed on login, we have a number of other special interest groups.  Once you join a new group, you will be able to quickly add or hide the group content from your dashboard at the check of a box.  This "quick add" feature let's you pick and choose the content you want to see in your feed based on your mood, what you're looking for that day, or even based on your location. 

For example, let's say you want to log in to your account on your commute home but you're surrounded other passengers.  When you first login, group feed that will appear in your dashboard will be the general chat.  Only check the "quick add" box when it is appropriate to do so.  Once you log out, your quick add preferences will reset to the default "General Chat".


Make Friends

Eden has thousands of members to connect with.  As you add friends, their posts will start to show up in your dashboard feed.  


When reaching out, be charming and be respectful.  If somebody tells you they're not interested, tell's not personal.  Maybe they're having a bad day.  Maybe they're not looking to meet anybody new.  Or, perhaps you have brown hair and they happen to like blonds.  Whatever the reason, it's ok to say NO and it's ok to hear NO.  Just move on to the next person. 

This is key to Eden's culture.  Not respecting a NO could get you removed from the site with no refund of membership dues, event tickets or $Eden Bucks$.


Here's how to add friends:

  1. Click "Advanced Search" on the left navigation of your "my home" dashboard.
  2. In the user search results, you can mouse over the user profile photo and select "add to friends The user will be sent a friend request notification.
  3. Once approved, they will be added to your friends connections.


Connect your Profile to your Relationship Partner(s) (if applicable)  

Share the love...

If you're in a relationship with someone amazing, you can connect your profile to your partner(s).

Once connected, other members of the site will be able to see who you're in a relationship with, view your profile details alongside your partner's, understand your play preferences as individuals and as connected partners, and create group chats with all parties in the relationship if desired yet still know which individual in the relationship is chatting at any time.  

This allows our members to enjoy and define an infinite number of playstyles and possibilities from Open to Poly to Swinging to Hook-ups to Making Friends.  

Here's how to connect your profiles:

  1. Send a "friend" request to your partner.
  2. Once approved, go to "edit profile" and scroll down to "sex & relationships", "relationships" section. 
  3. Select your connection(s) from the list on the left and click the red "arrow" - then click "save" (if you don't click save, the connection will not propagate.
  4. Your connection will be sent a notification request.
  5. Once approved, your connection will be visible to other members of the community in searches, and in your profile.


Register for an Event

Club Eden is famous for throwing amazing events - it's how we got started!  Everyone comes to Eden for a different reason.  Some just to dance the night away.  Others to find the illustrious threesome while for others, anything goes.
Eden is a little taste or paradise and there is never any pressure to play.

When registering for a party, you can register tickets for you and anyone on your friends/connections list.  But please don't try to bring somebody who is not yet a member of Eden.  Because of the unique nature of our events, everyone MUST be a's the LAW!  If you have somebody you want to bring, simply have them "JOIN" the website just like you did.  Don't forget to have them mention you (your fantasy name) in their application as the referring member so you earn $Eden Bucks$ as our thanks for helping us grow.  For a complete list of event FAQs, click here.

Come and see what all the fuss is about.  Register today!



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