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An Ontario Court has ruled that a man who had unprotected sex after agreeing to wear a condom committed sexual assault because his behaviour invalidated his sexual partner’s consent. This is a win for Canada and a win for consent culture! Read the full article by CBC here. Advertisements

Posted on 4 July 2019 | 8:07 pm

The sooner we can embrace that we don't know what we're doing, the sooner we can become better lovers, better partners and better friends.

Posted on 11 April 2019 | 1:38 pm

Just watched an incredibly powerful TEDX as Juno Mac makes a case for the decriminalization of sex work. In just under 18 minutes, she nailed it! Well done and worth the share.

Posted on 26 February 2019 | 10:02 pm

This makes me so proud to be Canadian…Gushing! Read full article here…  

Posted on 15 June 2017 | 3:15 pm

Tonight, while watching the National News, I almost fell off my chair when they featured a segment exploring the legal rights of consenting adults in polyamorous relationships.   The segment acknowledged that  “at some point we’re going to have a charter challenge much like we saw in 2003 with same-sex marriage.” This alone is cause for […]

Posted on 14 September 2016 | 9:13 pm

Many of my friends think it takes a lot of courage to attend lifestyle events either at a house party or a club dedicated to open minded people. When I tell them about taking an entire trip at a lifestyle resort, the shock, horror and disbelief is tangible. Think about it… going to a bar […]

Posted on 12 May 2016 | 12:37 pm

The 9” Real Feel Deluxe Vibrating Dildo by Pipedream is a great toy for more experienced couples looking to mix things up or for a new angle on multi-partner play! Compared to any other dildo in my tickle trunk, this one is by far the most realistic. But at 9” in length and 2” in […]

Posted on 10 May 2016 | 1:19 pm

I’m so excited….I learned about something new today – the Female G-spot enhancement procedure, otherwise known as the “Gshot”.  The “Gshot” is a simple procedure whereby a collagen shot is introduced into the G-spot to enlarge it to the size of a quarter. The supposed result is increased sensitivity and heightened sexual pleasure. As part […]

Posted on 14 April 2016 | 12:33 am

Today, I attended a Consent Workshop by The Consent Crew. There were some interesting discussions amongst the attendees and organizers about some great topics.  I want to reiterate some of the points that I feel are most relevant based on my experiences over the past two decades. IT’S OK TO SAY NO How many of […]

Posted on 5 March 2016 | 11:15 pm

Victoria is once again Canada’s most romantic city, and perhaps its kinkiest via @sharethis

Posted on 25 February 2016 | 12:38 am

The 9” Real Feel Deluxe Vibrating Dildo by Pipedream is a great toy for more experi...

Posted on 31 December 1969 | 4:00 pm

President Donald Trump is dishonest about a whole lot of things. But he is rarely as comprehensively dishonest as he has been about his dealings with Ukraine and the impeachment inquiry they have triggered.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 10:30 am

Thousands of police have been deployed in the southern Indian state of Kerala as a centuries-old temple at the center of an ongoing, and sometimes violent, gender dispute prepares to open its doors for the annual pilgrimage season.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 6:14 am

Among the many guests who had their pictures taken with President Donald Trump at the White House's annual Hanukkah party last year were two Soviet-born businessmen from Florida, Lev Parnas and Igor  Fruman. 

Posted on 15 November 2019 | 10:08 pm

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 2:47 am

For many Czechs, Sunday's anniversary of the Velvet Revolution will be a bittersweet moment. Three decades after the collapse of the Communist regime, people will mark a dramatic moment in history amid allegations, confirmed by a court decision, that their prime minister collaborated with the StB, the Communist-era secret police.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 8:58 am

It's down to the wire in Louisiana's gubernatorial runoff election. In the Saturday election, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is trying to hold on against Republican Eddie Rispone. It's the second election in a deep red state in as many weeks that's pitted local versus national factors.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 11:12 am

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 7:16 am

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 1:32 am

David Holmes, the aide to Bill Taylor who overheard President Trump's conversation with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, said that Sondland told Trump that President Zelensky would do "anything you ask him to," and that he confirmed the Ukrainians were going to "do the investigation." CNN's Manu Raju has the details.

Posted on 15 November 2019 | 3:22 pm

At least one federal prison worker on duty the night before Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell was offered a plea deal in connection with the multimillionaire's death, two sources familiar with the case said.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 6:52 am

Nandi Hill rushed to Emily Rose's home at the crack of dawn.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 11:32 am

Fifteen people were killed and at least 50 others injured after a car bomb exploded Saturday in al-Bab, northern Syria, a rescue group has said.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 8:54 am

Researchers using a new method to evaluate the cognitive abilities of species stumbled across a surprising finding: Our evolutionary ancestor, Australopithecus, may have been less intelligent than modern-day great apes.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 7:56 am

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wouldn't give a direct answer when asked by CNN's Manu Raju if he believed former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch's claims that a "smear campaign" was levied against her by President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his associates.

Posted on 15 November 2019 | 3:03 pm

The two teens killed by a fellow student who opened fire at a Southern California high school have been identified.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 4:10 am

In many ways it is hard to believe that France's gilets jaunes, or yellow vest, movement is only a year old. In that time, it has led to a 10 billion euro ($11.05 billion) aid package for the poorest, changed laws and police tactics, cost the French economy billions of euros and forced a French president whose electoral platform was never to back down in the face of protest, to do just that.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 4:55 am

The House Ethics Committee released updates on their investigations into four lawmakers on Thursday, including a high-profile freshman Democratic lawmaker and a Republican lawmaker who they revealed is under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Posted on 15 November 2019 | 4:11 pm

Dick Stevenson, the inventor of the curious "Sourtoe cocktail," which has been served in Canada's Yukon territory since the 1970s, has died.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 3:46 am

Hours before they were to attend an educational conference in Indianapolis, three judges went out drinking for a few hours and decided to walk to a strip joint.

Posted on 15 November 2019 | 8:58 pm

Two people have been injured after a fire engulfed student accommodation in Bolton, in northern England.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 4:23 am

Bolivia's former President, Evo Morales, said that he is willing to return to the country and not run in the next elections if his resignation is accepted.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 9:04 am

Federal agents were responding Friday night to a reported shooting at a high school football game in New Jersey.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 11:44 am

I have traveled the world trying to stop people from radicalizing, and through those experiences I have seen the best and the worst of humanity. I've interviewed numerous terrorists in prison cells, bound by shackles - and sat down to hear the experiences of countless former extremists of all kinds. Most recently, I spoke with a man who was actually convicted of participating in and supporting al-Qaeda plots in Afghanistan and the US.

Posted on 16 November 2019 | 3:04 am

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