Just 13 Minutes

Dec 9 '17 | By Eve_Vee

This morning I was listening to a local radio show discussing a survey of Canadians where Canadian’s were asked…”What do you think is the optimal amount of time for having sex”.

The average that came back was 13 minutes….13 minutes?  Ughh.  I sure hope that that is for penetration only, but even then…13 minutes?  I know we all lead busy lives, but come on people.  Maybe if we spent a little less time in front of the TV, and more time being intimate with our lovers, the divorce rate might actually go down and people would have happier, healthier and more sexually fulfilling relationships.

Maybe we should designate a national day (or week) of SEX.  Where couples dedicate the ENTIRE day to SEXual fulfillment with their partners.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to take the day off work (although wouldn’t that be naughty).  If you can’t, then at least send your lover sexy, steamy, naughty, dirty text messages all day long.  Leave explicit voicemail messages on their answering machine.  Don’t wear any panties to work.  Go into some private area of the office (maybe even a bathroom stall) and take an erotic picture of yourself and send it to your lover.  

Be sure to order food in so neither of you has to cook when you get home…that’s if you’re not already to worked up to eat.  Each of you buy a new toy or sexcessory to tease your lover with that evening.   Just go for it and have fun…but don’t forget to turn off the clock…we wouldn’t want it all to come to a screeching halt after only 13 minutes.

So what day should we designate as national sex day anyway?  Sounds like a worthy cause to me.


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