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Apr 15 '17 | By Eve_Vee

Part of what makes Eden so amazing is that Eden means different things to different people. While we embrace our togetherness, we also celebrate our differences.

We are all unique individuals with different desires, passions, ideas and personalities. So while some of you may want community and meaningful connections, others may want sexy adventures with no strings attached. Some are attracted by age, relationship status, sexual orientation, body type, gender, hair color, eye color. Others seek out certain playstyles like FFM, MMF, MFMF, same room only, only play separately, only play in groups, only play in kink.


No matter the preference or the question…if it is done respectfully, it is welcome with open arms. This is a place to Educate. Learn. Ask. Experience. Connect – at your own pace and in your own way.

Eden is filled with some of the most amazing and beautiful souls you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I absolutely LOVE how passionate you are about Eden, the brand, the community and the members. And, I have no desire to extinguish that passion but I do ask that you always remember to be compassionate, be open minded, be supportive, be empathetic, and be welcoming because that is what Eden is about.  



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