The Monkey Rocker is for the Bonobos

Dec 9 '17 | By Eve_Vee

While watching the show “Foursome” on the Playboy Channel the other day, I came across an incredibly hot new product that I had ever heard of or seen before. Before my eyes, two very sexy ladies demo’d what looked like a new high tech style of rocking horse with two dildos protruding out of the seat.

The two ladies faced each other and made out while one of the guys used the handle at the front to gently rock them back and forth on their dildos until they came.  It was incredibly hot!  And remember, given my background, not a lot phases me but this particular product really got our attention. 

If you’ve ever had a fantasy of watching two girls play, this is definitely the way to go.  Throw out the strap-ons and double ended dildos and make room for the Monkey Rocker Tango.

The only downfall is the price.  I researched the product and found their website which is  The classic Monkey Rocker (which is for solo play only…ie. one dildo) retails for $800 USD.  The Monkey Rocker Tango (two dildos for simultaneous play) retails for around $1500 USD….ughh!


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