About our Events

Who can attend your sexy parties?

Our sexy parties are exclusive to Eden Members only. Join today for all the benefits of Club Eden.  The application only takes about three minutes to complete, and the membership fee is waived for your first visit so you can try before you buy. 


Who goes to Eden?

Eden is attended by single ladies, couples in secure relationships and "playmates" who are interested in exploring their sensual side in a high energy, nightclub style environment.  Eden is designed to make women feel glamorous, sensual and safe so gentlemen, when attending Eden, please stay in the accompaniment of your lovely date and be respectful at all times.


What are the members like at Club Eden?

Eden members tend to be sexy, health and appearance conscious.  They're, educated, attractive, warm, welcoming and approachable individualists who love life and treat every day as a new sexy adventure.  Our members are not dissimilar to those you would see in a high-end, mainstream nightclub downtown.  However, they tend to be a lot more fun, non-pretentious and they leave their attitude at the door.


What is the age range?

Eden caters to young urban professionals who love the energy of a nightclub scene, but with a very sexy twist.  We cater to attendees age 25-45. However, there are always a few exceptions, but they all tend to be sexy, attractive and love the high energy nightclub scene with hottest selection of top 40 and house music.


Does everyone at Eden look like a supermodel?

Not necessarily, however, our members do tend to be attractive, sexy, confident, and health and appearance conscious.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, an unkept look will not get you many admiring looks.  Make sure you show yourself at your best!


Do swingers go to Eden Parties?

Due to the nature of our parties, we do have some members attending who are swingers.  If you're looking to get extra naughty, you'll just have to ask around to find them.  As always, be respectful of everyone's boundaries, exercise discretion and remember that "no" means "no".  

Are single men permitted to attend Eden events?

Eden is a little taste of paradise where ladies can explore their sensuality in a safe, pressure free environment.  Unless otherwise indicated in the event description, men are only able to attend with their beautiful date, or with a member couple. 

Once inside, you must be on your best behavior at all times as your behavior is a direct reflection on the lovely lady or couple who brought you in.  Poor behavior on your part will compromise their membership and yours. 

If you're looking for a sponsor, to one of our epic parties, we have a "wait to be invited" policy.  In other words, do not send private messages or post in threads asking for a date or sponsor to one of our parties.  Respect our culture.  Make friends.  Be courteous and in no time, you'll be welcomed with open arms.  Not honoring this policy could get you removed from the club & site with no refunds.


Can I bring a Friend to an Eden event?

You are encouraged to invite as many friends as you like to Eden.   However, in order to attend an event, they must be an approved member just like you. 

Simply have them visit our "JOIN FREE" page and complete the application form.  They will receive a response within 2 - 48 hours from our approval team.  Once your friend has been approved, they will be able to register for the event, or you will be able to add them as a friend and then reserve tickets for them.  

Please do not try reserve tickets for a "non-member" friend under your own membership.   Any member caught trying to bring in a friend under their own membership will have their membership revoked without refund.


What happens at Club Eden Parties?

At Club Eden, we throw one hell of a party...but with a very sexy twist of course.

The main party area and social zone is generally like a high energy nightclub where you can dress as sexy as you dare, dance, enjoy your favorite cocktail, and mingle with other sexy Edenites while listening to the hottest top 40 and house music mixed by our resident DJ.

In our play zones (if applicable), you can explore your sensual side.    So later in the evening, if the mood strikes and you feel like getting a little naughty, head to our play zones and "surrender to temptation".  For your comfort and safety, an Eden concierge will be on hand to answer all your questions and ensure house rules are being followed.  

There is no obligation to visit our "Play zones" while at an Eden Party, and where ever you are in the club, our "No" means "No" and "respect" rules are always in place so you can be as sexy as you DARE without obligations to anyone but yourself. 


Do you have any rules while at events?

Please read our Event Commandments. page for a full listing of Eden rules. 


How naughty can I get at Eden Event?

That's really up to you.  We hold a variety of different parties for various levels of play.  Be sure to check out our Event Types page to select the event that's right for you. 

Our off-premise events are more social in nature and do not include "play" on site. 

Our on-premise events tend to be a little sexier.  Because we're a private club, you can be as naughty as you DARE, but only in designated areas which are typically kept separate from our social zones.  You are expected to follow our rules of respect and "No means No", AND, be aware that your behavior is not considered offensive to the other members. 

If you're a little uncertain about codes of conduct while at the club, feel free to visit our second floor concierge who is on hand to answer questions and ensure your comfort and safety.

Club Eden is a strong advocate and promoter of safe play.   If the mood strikes and you feel like getting a little naughty at our on premise events, please play responsibly.  We are happy to provide a full range of standard supplies with compliments for your comfort and safety.  NEVER put you or your partner at risk!  Have fun and play safe! 


When does Eden hold events?

Eden is open only during the events listed on our event calendar.  We anticipate adding more events soon as we grow.


Where are Eden events held?

Club Eden holds exclusive, first class events at quality, pre-approved locations throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.  For a more details on our out of town and travel events, click here

Because our events are exclusive to members only, we list only the general vicinity to non-registered users.  Once your membership is approved, you will be able to see the actual address for events when logged into the site.   

Each location has its own unique style and vibe to match the Event Type.   And each venue offers discretion; privacy; and of course a fun, sexy, safe, hedonistic vibe you won't find anywhere else! 

Be sure to check out our calendar to book your next event.

Why do people join Eden?

People join Eden for lots of different reasons. Some because they just love the vibe - at Eden, you get all the energy of a nightclub, but without the over abundance of testosterone, tension, attitude, and fights.  Others join to dress in their sexiest outfits that they just can't wear anywhere else.  Some to explore their bi-curious side.  While others seek to fulfill their wildest fantasies. Whatever your reasons, at the very least, our parties will always leave you begging for more and other clubs will feel....well...sadly, ordinary.


How can I attend your sexy parties?

Everyone who attends our parties must become a member.  To apply for your membership and attend your first event, JOIN FREE today. There's no application fee and it only takes about 3 minutes to apply. You will receive a response within 1-2 business days except in cases of event days where approval will happen within a couple of hours.

Once your membership is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and you can login and register for your first event by visiting our events calendar


How much are tickets to the events?

Ticket prices vary depending on the type of event you are wanting to attend.  The prices for each event are listed in the "details" window on every event page. Visit our event calendar and select an event to see pricing.

Does Eden offer FREE entry on my birthday?

No.  The free birthday entry was only available to paid annual loyalty membership holders.  The annual loyalty membership was discontinued in the summer of 2018 and will soon be replaced with a new referral rewards program where all members will be able to earn free entries and other rewards for referring their friends.  Stayed tuned for the new program in 2020.  


About Membership

How do we join?

Simply visit the "join now" page on our site to purchase your membership and begin enjoying all the benefits of Eden.  (please note that when attending a sexy party for the first time, you will be required to present gov't ID; and sign a hard copy of our membership agreement, privacy waiver and liability waiver when attending our sexy parties).


Do I have to have a membership to attend Eden?

Yes, everyone who attends Eden is required to become a member, however, there is no cost to apply, and the membership fee is built into the event ticket prices.  This helps to ensure that all attendees adhere to our membership rules and respect our "privacy policies".  Being a member based club helps contribute to the fun, respectful and positive atmosphere at the club.    After all, nobody wants to lose their membership at Eden - it's a little taste of paradise. 

To apply for your membership and attend your first event, visit the "join today" page of our site.  You will receive a response within 2 business days.  In the event that your membership is approved, you will receive your login credentials so that you can login and register for your first event.  Please note that although your membership will show up in your account as expired, you will still be able to login, register for and attend your first party at Eden.

We do have a paid VIP membership.  It is not required to attend our parties but it does give you additional access and benefits on the website.  For all the details on our VIP membership and how to upgrade, click here.


How much is the membership at Eden?

Membership is $5 per event and is included in the nightly ticket price.


Why was my membership declined?

Unfortunately, membership in Eden is not guaranteed.  If your membership was declined, please accept the decision with grace and do not take it personally.  Having your application declined does not indicate that you are too old, not attractive enough, not tall enough, not high class enough, etc. 

Based on your application responses, it's likely that you either did not provide enough information, did not accurately respond to the application requirements and questions which are important to the culture of the club or that your responses were too dissimilar from those of our existing members that you would find in a mainstream, downtown nightclub on a regular basis. 

Under normal circumstances, this would not be a significant issue, however because we have the added element of sexual undertones, crowd sensitivity is amplified 10-fold.  So regretfully, the decision is not really about the applicants, it's about delivering on our promise to our existing members and meeting their expectations. 

We hope this helps to answer any concerns you may have and wish you all the best with your fantasy search.


Why Did I get a Real Verification Request?

Sometimes, we conduct random account checks and other times, members ask us to check on a profile.  Receiving a "Real Verification" request from Eden is not personal.  It's part of how we keep our community safe from trolls and also keep underage visitors out - it's the law!   Once we receive your "real verification" picture including gov't ID for proof of age, your membership will be re-instated and you will be welcomed back with open arms. 



About the Site


How do I login and access the member lounge?

If you have a membership with Club Eden, then you have access to the "member lounge" and all the great online features including a/v chat, discussion forum, "meet sexy friends", personal mailbox and more.

Your login email address will be the primary address you put on your membership form (or likely, the same email address where you received this newsletter).  Your password is system generated and can be resent to you at anytime.

To get your password and access the online member lounge, visit the homepage of Club and click the "member login" button.  Then click the "forgot your password..." link in white below the password entry boxes to have the system resend your login password instantly.  If you don't receive your password, or you require further assistance, be sure to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Request your password now

Why can't I login to Eden anymore (for members who joined Eden  prior to November,  2009)?

Back in November, 2009 we made an announcement that Eden was going to an application based process to ensure the long term sustainability of the club by creating more synergies within the member base.   To facilitate the transition, The Club Eden Social Club was renamed the Club Allure Social Club and all memberships were transferred over to  Club Allure is identical to the original Eden which operated successfully in Delta through January, 2009 with the exception of a few renovation improvements, a new name and a new website design.  You should be able to login there using your original Eden login credentials or simply click on the "forgot my password" link to have your details sent to you.

In addition, all previous members were invited to apply for membership at the new Eden Millenium Club (at   If applying for membership, be sure to mention your past Eden email addy for reference.  In the event that our team approves your application, you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials.  If your application is not approved, you will receive an email to that effect, but then will also receive a one year extension on your existing Allure membership along with a $50 gift certificate.  All applications are generally responded to within 2 business days.  If you do not receive a response, it is likely that our email was blocked by your ISP.  In this case, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 604-589-CLUB (2582).  We're happy to assist you.

How do I register for an event?

Only approved members can register for events.  First, login to the site and then visit our "events calendar" to select an event.

Select an event from the list and click the link to open the details.  Then click "select tickets".  From there, you can select whom you are buying tickets for.  You can purchase/register tickets for yourself, your partner, or even a friend so long as they are in your friends list.  Only 1 ticket can be purchased per user per event.

Click "select user name" arrow to choose the ticket holder.  Then click the "select your ticket" arrow to choose your ticket type.  Click "Add More+" to reserve additional tickets then click "add to cart".  

Complete your purchase/registration in the shopping cart.

Can I send bulk or unsolicited messages to members about a product, service or event that I'm offering?

Club, party and lifestyle organizers are welcome to advertise in our adult service directory - this area has been set up specifically for you...enjoy.  However, please respect that this is a private member site set up to allow our members to meet others on their terms.  Please do not solicit new members by emailing them, trolling our chat forums or advertising your services in other areas of the site.   They will find you when they're ready.

sending mass emails to our member base will not be tolerated and will result in immediate loss of membership without refund.


Can I delete my account/profile?

You can't completely delete your account as it is tied to your legally binding membership obligations as outlined in our terms and conditions.  This includes our legally binding privacy agreement.  However, you can make your account "private" so that your profile and account can not be viewed by other members.  When your account is private, you can still log in and register for events, however, your account and registrations can only be viewed by our administrators for the purposes of managing legal/membership obligations and registrations (if applicable). 

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