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OMG!! this was our first time to Eden and it surpassed my expectations;) Thank you so much. I have been 'sold' on attending a few events thru other companies and they have failed miserably in what they claim to offer. You guys did not disappoint. We will be returning for sure!! Can't wait:) Thanxxx again!



Eve, first let me say how much we enjoyed our very first Eden experience!!  So much fun!  (and you were right!  Went home and had the best sex of our lives, haha!!!)

T & D


Eve...we would love to tell you we will most definitely be returning in the new year.  With the Christmas season in full swing, $$$ are a little short.  However, our night out last month was nothing short of fantastic and we plan to get an annual membership as soon as possible.  Thanks for a great time.  BTW, told some friends and it seems we will have some new faces that are very interested as well.  See you in the new year!!!

P & C


Thank you guys so much for the excellent party last night. It was our first time at Club Eden and to be honest, we were pretty nervous. We had no idea who or what to expect. Everyone, though, was so friendly and fun. The atmosphere surprised us, too - it was just like a "regular" club but the vibe was so much more inviting. Anyway, we just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for everything. We're definitely going to get ourselves a proper membership and come play again!

E & A


hiii Eve, Thank you so very much for making this venture such a smooth and personalized experience with answering my emails so promptly and then calling me for our chatty conversation we had the day prior to GLOW party event. You are just delightful. 'He' and I had the besssstest ever time, was a whole different world and what a remarkable experience from finding easy parking, personable and cutie doormen, then getting to meet you up front...right through the 'newbie' intro session & walk around experience by your fabulous staff. What comfort, ease, acceptance & sumptuous surroundings and experiences were felt and had that night. The roped off new member sections were ideal & hope they are kept for all events. Superb friendly service by your event staff was just a refreshing change from experiences out 'there' in real world, haha. Seeing the crowd & dancefloor 2 floors 'below' 2 from the balcony was the icing on the cake, especially as was 'forced' ha ha to view those below me as my lover took advantage of the most decadent padded balcony edge (fabulous feature). The so well planned and laid out 'club' and 'special sexy room' were a delight to experience and I have 'never' seen so many HAPPY people in one place in a long time. Not seeing cellphones or hearing endless distracting ringtones was just amazing & one of favorite 'vanilla' things about the club. ;) Stocking of amenities and cleanliness of washrooms and the 'room' was a bonus treat and I hope that members continue to respect their other party going friends by taking care of things when they are finished etc. Lockers with changing area was so well thought out and a great place to meet or further chat with other members. Thank you again to you and your staff. I have been spreading the word of the club endlessly to the 'right' people and am a proud new member of Eden. :) ;)



Just a quick note to say "thank-you" for such a great HALLOWEEN party, the costumes were great, really great, the tarot card reader was a nice addition, everyone we talked to said "she had it right on", Eden was decorated in the real spirit of Halloween, and what a great group of Lifestylers.  We could only hope there was more than one Halloween a year.  Look forward to New Years and we'll see you at the next XXX.


Thank you for a fantastic evening Saturday!And that's using the word 'fantastic' in the true sense of the word. You throw a classy party and the guests we met were wonderful to chat and flirt with;)   Loved the atmosphere - like a house party with more lacey ass and sexiness! Your website speaks true to the spirit of your club! see you soon.

Ms. A


We wanted to take a minute to thank you for your hospitality at the Babes & Bikinis Beach Party.  It was our first time to your club and we had a great time.  We found guests to be friendly, kind and open but we also wanted to pass on how impressed we were with your professionalism.  We have been exploring different events/clubs and one thing that is important to both of us is professionalism and business savvy which we have found can be lacking.  We thought it important to pass this feedback on to you especially as you start your new adventure in growing your business.



Dear Eden (Eve),

Wowie Zowie!  Holy Hannah!
What a hot, fun, sexy night last night was!  (re: Eden xmas party)
Bless yer heart for creating Eden...and in such a lovely, and classy manner.
We had a absolute gas!  We can't wait for our next (third) event!

I'd like to apologize to our fellow Edonism roomies near 2am; apparently my newbie enthusiasm had me feeling rather expressive and I lament that I might've bothered a few of the more enlightened Eden veterans.  I hope they can find it in their heart to forgive my over-exuberance and trust that I'll be more quiet in the future! 

We had met a single gal who was very nervous but very eager to go home with some experience of the night; my caring (ok, codependant!) nature had me checking in with her to make sure she was comfortable and we were meeting her needs.  We were thrilled that she chose us as she was so sweet (and I think I could learn a thing or two from her!).

We also had our first couple-swap foray!  Apparently there was quite the audience at the door!  I was lost in reverie so I didn't notice, but the closet exhibitionist in my man sure seemed to!  What a love he is. 

I found myself delightfully fascinated with the beauty, mystery, sensuality, and softness of exploring another woman!  No wonder men can't get enough of us gals - we're friggin' amazing creatures!  We had met this couple at our first event through Speed Dating (very fun!) and were quite taken by them, so we were happy to see them at last night's event too! 

Speaking of which, how does one contact someone when one forgot to give them one's calling card before night's end?!  We have no idea what's protocol but we would love for you to pass on our email if they want to receive it; we had talked about doing dinner at a future date.  We can give you their names if you feel comfortable passing our contact info onto them.

Once again, we barely ate enough of the fabulous food because we were otherwise occupied! 

The burlesque show was so incredibly divine and we look forward to seeing the girls again in the future at one of their gigs.  Melody is such a sweetheart; not only is she a pretty face, but she can pour drinks AND shake her booty!

Ryan, the doorman, was fabulous - so attentive, flattering and cordial!
Naomi was also a delight; so welcoming and professional.
I adore Brian and his deadpan sense of humour; he's so capable and conscientious and ever so calm.

It was nice to finally meet you too my dear, you are indeed as wonderful and friendly as my man has described!  He has a fondness for we women who are smart, friendly, love to laugh and smile a lot.

I quite enjoyed finally getting on the dance floor; I've been a delinquent belly dancer for the last year and I sure do miss moving my hips to the rhythm; the DJ happened to have some glorious Madonna qeued up just when I asked him!  Serendipity or what?!

The huge christmas tree was stupendous!  So festive and comforting; though it might've paled in comparison to the contest winner who was in complete denial about BEING a christmas tree - but I DID get to open his package later in the evening!  Tee Hee.  (there were only chocolates inside, dang).

Once again, bless your heart for facilitating such a wondrous experience for all of us to enjoy as we explore our deeper sexuality and intimacy with our partners.  No wonder they even know about Eden waaaaay down in Conneticut!


Hi Eve,
We really enjoyed our first time at Club Eden, at the June 23rd party!!  Our hosts were wonderful during the orientation.  The Club is impressive!  We loved the dungeon, bar, and being able to mingle and peek into rooms.
Thank you for putting on a wonderful evening.  We look forward to future events!
A & D

I am still giggly over how good a time We both had. We met a few people that both of us agreed would be great to get to know better. We may not wish to get right into bed with anybody this early in but we are not closed off to anything happening in the future. We are both so looking forward to our return. It was so comforting that not one person came onto either of us in any disrespectful ways. We were let know that it was there for the taking by a few really nice people. As I am sure you have heard, it is very hard to find "friends" that are open to an alternative lifestyle. If we could even get to know people for dinners or anything for that matter we would be so happy. We both have friends but not as hip as the potential ones we met that night. Please keep up the great work that you are all doing.

Ya know, it was all so new to both of us. I  have been blessed with a very beautiful partner for life. There is nothing that I would do to change what we have together. Now, Club Eden is a part of the equation. Thank you from my heart. That night was the best time that I have had in years. I am not lying about this. i have lived a very exciting life thus far. I have done things that some can never dream of let alone experience first hand. Nothing has come close to getting me so excited about a return to ever.

H & R
We just wanted to send you a quick note... Letting you know that we had a fantastic time Saturday night!!Great music, great appy's and a great atmosphere. We met a really nice couple who we chatted with most of the evening. I found that my mind was put at ease a little. I wasn't sure what to expect? And my biggest concern was that some couples may be too pushy!! But that wasn't the case at all. We mixed and mingled a little and had a great evening. We would have liked to chat and get to know the two of you a little more. But, knew you were very busy running around making sure things were running smoothly:) Perhaps next time:)...
Anyway, we hope to come on the 28th!! Is there space still available??

take care,

S & M

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